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(BS035) Table Bride & Groom Sculpture (BS001) Sit on balloon motorbike (BS032) Tropical Trees (BS024) 80th Birthday Party Lady (BS042) Pair of Glasses for Opticians Store (BS038) Bride Sculpture (approx 6ft) - holding one side of arch (BS002) Sit on balloon motorbike (BS013) Bride & Groom Sculpture (approx 6ft) (BS030) Baby Boy Sculptures (any size) (BS011) Bride & Groom Sculpture (approx 6ft) (BS037) Fun add on balloon models (BS031) Table Clown Sculptures (BS041) McDonalds Logo - (approx 8ft high) (BS023) Giant Spider (BS008) Birthday Girl Sculpture (approx 6ft) (BS004) Walk through Champagne Arch Sculpture (BS007) Santa (approx 6ft) (BS039) 40 Sculpture (BS009) Bride & Groom Sculptures (approx 6ft) (BS012) Rugby Player Sculpture (approx 6ft) (BS005) Drinks Table Champagne Sculpture (BS003) Sit on balloon motorbike (B036) Ferrari Car Balloon Sculpture (BS025) Bride Sculpture (BS028) Football Players (approx 6ft) (BS026) Table Bride & Groom Sculpture (BS040) Baby Girl Sculptures (any size)
The above balloon sculptures are just a selection of the designs we have created over the last 19 years. All are made on a bespoke basis and to completely work within the intended theme/colour scheme. The 6ft Bride & Groom will be constructed to coordinate with colours to be worn by the bride & groom, hair colours and any flowers to be carried by the bride. We can also create an endless range of special characters, such as clowns, sports persons, racing drivers etc. If interested in any kind of sculpture, just contact us and we will be very happy to discuss your requirements.
(BS010) Clown Sculpture (approx 6ft) (BS019) Helium 3ft Octopus (BS018) Purple Octopus on Arch (BS006) Helium Fish for Underwater Themed Party (BS016) Yellow Octopus on Arch (BS029) Bubbles & Fish for Underwater Themed Party (BS015) Blue Octopus on Arch (BS027) Sea creatures on arch zoom view (BS020) Sea Creatures on Arch (BS022) Green & Blue Helium Fish (BS021) Yellow & Blue Helium Fish (BS017) Orange Octopus on Arch (TD034) - Boss Baby Deliverable Sculpture (TD014) - Halloween Table Centre Sculptures (BS033) - Bride Sculpture